Privacy Policy NZ

We collect, handle, use and disclose personal information in our dealings with you. You acknowledge and agree that we will collect, handle, use and disclosure your personal information for the purposes and in the ways outlined below and as permitted by law.

Why we collect personal information

We may collect personal information about you for the following purposes:

  • To deal with enquiries from you
  • To assess your application and creditworthiness
  • To manage your account with us including billing and collections
  • To arrange and refer your application to credit provider
  • For marketing purposes
  • To notify credit providers of a default by you of your agreement with us
  • To comply with our legal obligations such as the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter- Terrorism Financing Act, the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (Cth) 2009 and the Personal Property Securities Act (Cth) 2009.

Collecting information about you from someone else

We may collect personal information about you from someone else when we are assessing your application or collecting a debt, such as a credit reporting body or another credit provider.

Disclosing by us of your personal information

We may disclose personal information we collect to:

  • Our related companies
  • Credit reporting bodies such as Veda Advantage
  • Other credit providers, lenders, security providers, distributors and referrers
  • Service providers such as third party back office support providers, markets and technology providers
  • Government bodies
  • Debt collectors
  • Our external dispute resolution body
  • Our professional advisors such as lawyers, accountants and auditors

A third party recipient of your personal information may use the personal information for any of the purposes we may use it and we may receive a fee associated with the disclosure of the personal information.

Disclosure to us by credit reporting bodies

If we request, a credit reporting body may disclose credit reporting information about you so that we may assess your credit application or collect overdue payments to owe us. Credit reporting information about you may also be disclosed for a purpose permitted under the Privacy Act.

Disclosure by us to other credit providers

We may disclose credit eligibility information about you to another credit provider with an Australian link for the purpose of assessing an application for credit by you, your creditworthiness or to notify them of a default by you of your agreement with us.

Privacy Notice and Consent & Electronic Communication Consent

Our privacy policy has information about how you may access personal information we hold about you, how to seek corrections and how to complain about a breach of the privacy laws by us. Our credit reporting policy including information about how credit reporting information is used and your rights in relation to credit reporting information.

You can obtain a copy of our privacy policy or credit reporting policy online at or you can request a copy be sent to you.

Consent for us to communicate electronically

We cannot communicate with you via a "commercial electronic message" such as email, fax or sms without your consent. Where possible and with your permission, we prefer to communicate with your using electronic means.

The Electronic Transactions Act (Cth) 1999 required us to obtain your permission before we can communicate with you electronically such as communicating by email, fax or SMS.

You acknowledge and agree that we may:

  1. send you information that we are obliged to provide to you under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (as amended and including any regulations) in electronic format;
  2. send you electronic messages rather than providing paper copies; and
  3. send you our contracts and consents by electronic means and enter into contracts by electronic means.
  4. Electronic messages, information and contract we send you will be to the email, fax or mobile number you have provided us.

You acknowledge that in giving this permission, you agree to:

  1. use a computer and necessary computer programs and have access to the internet in order to interact with us and receive information we send you;
  2. regularly check you email inbox, fax machine and phone;
  3. notify us of any changes to your electronic address or mobile phone number and absolve us from any liability if you fail to do so.
  4. You may withdraw your permission for the above at any time, provide you give us one (1) business days notice and confirm your current residential address and contact details.

Meaning of Words

In this document:

"we", "us" refers to Easy Financing Pty Ltd Australian Credit Licence 470114 and also any credit provider that we act for as agent;

"you" refers to the persons who are applying for credit from us or proposing to act or who are directors of a company that is applying for credit from act; and

words defined in the Privacy Act (Cth)1988 have the same meaning.